Streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat recently confirmed that rapper 21 Savage paid Adin Ross $250,000 following a scandal involving marked cards during a gambling session. The controversy came to light during a live phone call between Ross and Cenat, where Ross revealed that 21 Savage had sent him the payment.

The incident reportedly took place during a gambling session, with social media users sharing a clip of 21 Savage opening a pack of traditional red playing cards in front of Ross. However, it was alleged that one of 21 Savage’s friends passed him a pack of marked cards without Ross’s knowledge. As a result, 21 Savage was able to win $120,000 from Ross while using the marked deck.

After the game, Ross discovered the markings on the cards and confronted 21 Savage, who initially denied any knowledge of the markings. However, when Ross showed him the dodgy deck, 21 Savage reportedly blamed the friend who had provided the marked cards.

In a phone call with Cenat, Ross shared that 21 Savage had admitted to him that it was someone around him who had cheated. Despite the incident, Ross seemed to be understanding of 21 Savage’s explanation, stating that he knew the rapper wouldn’t intentionally cheat him.

Following the scandal, 21 Savage and Ross allegedly agreed to play an NBA 2K game to give Ross a chance to win back his money. Ross emphasized the importance of fair play in their future games, stating, “We’re playing dice and cards, bro. Just don’t cheat.”

The payment made by 21 Savage to Ross effectively put an end to the cheating scandal. The incident has garnered attention on social media and in the hip-hop community, with many expressing their opinions on the matter.

In conclusion, the scandal involving marked cards during a gambling session has resulted in 21 Savage paying a substantial amount to Ross as a resolution to the issue. The outcome of the incident has sparked discussions and debates online, and it remains to be seen how it will impact the relationship between the individuals involved.

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