Poker Pro Anthony Zinno Addresses Theft Accusation

Professional poker player Anthony Zinno recently responded to theft accusations he is facing in connection to an incident that occurred at the WPT World Championship festival at Encore Las Vegas. Zinno’s side of the story is that he found an unattended bag after the conclusion of the Day 1B event and took it to try to locate its owner.

According to Zinno, when he was unable to find the bag’s owner, he took the bag to the casino’s lost and found. He maintained that he only saw money in the bag but did not touch or count it. Zinno adamantly denied the theft allegations.

The theft accusations against Zinno surfaced on various poker forums and social media platforms, with the accuser, Corel Theuma, claiming that he had accidentally left his bag containing $20,000 at the poker table and that it went missing. According to Theuma, security footage showed Zinno taking the bag and leaving the casino in a Lyft ride.

The police report corroborated some aspects of Theuma’s story, but there were also discrepancies. Theuma, however, maintained that he did not provide the information attributed to him in the report. It remains unclear whether the initial amount of money in the bag was in fact $20,000 and whether there is evidence to support this.

Anthony Zinno, a highly successful and decorated poker player, has not been formally charged with a crime. He has almost $11.5 million in live tournament earnings, with numerous titles and awards to his name. Zinno’s version of events largely aligns with what he told law enforcement, and he has not been formally charged with any wrongdoing.

The matter remains under investigation, and both Zinno and Theuma continue to stand by their respective stories. The post, which was published on Vegas Slots Online News, did not indicate whether there have been any new developments in the case.

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