City of Dreams Mediterranean, the newly opened casino resort in Cyprus, is making waves with its luxurious and sustainable design. The massive building, with its distinctive Mayan temple-like shape and design elements, is a sight to behold from miles away. Recognized for its architectural achievements, the resort has also received the European Property Awards 2023 for its sustainable strategy.

The resort boasts 500 rooms, each uniquely decorated and sustainable, making it the first in Cyprus to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. As guests step inside, they are greeted with high walls of marble and a range of luxury amenities such as a diamond boutique, designer clothing stores, and high-end wristwatches.

While the resort is home to a modest number of 750 slot machines and 75 gaming tables, it offers a range of table game options including American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Texas Hold’em, all within a luxurious and holistic setting.

Apart from gaming, the resort offers a plethora of activities such as zip lines, obstacle courses, climbing walls, and trampolines, ensuring a full day of entertainment for visitors. However, despite its paradisical appearance, the resort has faced criticism from union organizers and members regarding their policies against collective bargaining for fair wages and benefits.

The dispute led to protests being held on the opening day, with unions demanding access to the property for unionizing workers. Despite the protests, the resort’s operator, Melco, has called them unfounded and poorly timed, emphasizing the importance of the casino for Cyprus as a tourist destination.

The labor minister has directly intervened in the dispute to ensure the implementation of Cypriot laws and constitution that support union liberties. Although talks are ongoing, the unions remain steadfast in their demands for access to the resort to work on unionizing employees.

City of Dreams Mediterranean aims to provide a luxury resort experience with gaming and entertainment, but the backdrop of labor disputes mirrors the contrasts at the integrated casino resort. The resort is set to attract visitors with its grandeur, but its treatment of workers remains a point of contention in its opening days.

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