The LVMPD Traffic Bureau recently made an arrest of a man suspected of reckless driving, after he rode a dirt bike through multiple casinos and performed dangerous stunts on the Las Vegas Boulevard. The department’s Racing Apprehension and Intervention Detail unit, RAID, shared an image of the unnamed man on Twitter.

The individual had been engaging in reckless behavior, including riding through casino floors, going up stairs and escalators, and performing wheelies in public spaces. He also attempted to flee from law enforcement. The man was subsequently taken into custody on charges that include endangering a person or property, four counts of reckless driving, and one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon.

The LVMPD Traffic Bureau has been proactive in addressing the issue of illegal street racing, as they predicted an increase in such activities with the upcoming Formula One event in the city. In response, they formed RAID to protect the public from dangerous driving and illegal street racing. Since its formation in March 2022, RAID has made 185 arrests, issued citations to 238 individuals, and towed 215 vehicles.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat reckless driving and illegal street racing in Las Vegas. As the city prepares for the upcoming Formula One event, law enforcement will continue to be vigilant in ensuring public safety and preventing dangerous driving behaviors. The LVMPD’s proactive approach demonstrates their commitment to maintaining order on the streets and within public spaces.

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