The launch of smart glasses last year has brought about concerns within the gambling industry due to their advanced capabilities. These glasses, which can be fitted with prescription lenses, have the ability to function as both seeing glasses and sunglasses. However, what sets them apart is their integration with Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant.

Users can interact with the assistant using voice commands, enabling them to spark creativity, gather information, and control features on the glasses. Additionally, the glasses come equipped with a 12MP camera, allowing users to capture their point of view through photographs and videos, which can be instantly shared with others.

While the dual functionality of the glasses is innovative, it has raised concerns within the gambling industry. A survey conducted with gambling experts from VegasSlotsOnline revealed that 90% of the experts believe there should be a ban on the use of smart glasses in casinos. Furthermore, 89% expressed concerns about the technology’s potential negative impact on other players.

These concerns extend to online gambling as well, with 67% of the experts expressing worries about smart glasses being used to cheat in online gambling. Tests conducted by Reddit users and YouTubers have confirmed the inconspicuous nature of these smart glasses in casino settings, further validating the experts’ concerns.

The emergence of smart glasses has led experts to call for gambling authorities worldwide to establish comprehensive guidelines to ensure fair play. Industry giants like Ray-Ban and Meta are leading the way in this technology, which may pave the way for similar innovations from other companies in the future.

A spokesperson from VegasSlotsOnline emphasized the potential advantages these glasses provide to users, stating that it “demands immediate action” to maintain fair play in the gambling industry.

In conclusion, the rise of smart glasses has sparked concerns within the gambling industry, particularly regarding their potential for misuse in casinos. The inconspicuous nature of the glasses has prompted calls for regulatory guidelines to address risks and maintain fair play in both physical and online gambling settings.

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