Boxing legend Mike Tyson has signed a brand ambassador deal with Rabona, an iGaming company, to engage with fans through monthly livestreams on Twitch and Kick channels. These exclusive streams will feature Tyson playing online casino games and may also include him sharing his expertise and recounting stories from his illustrious career as a heavyweight boxer.

Rabona’s PR Director, Mike Varius, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that Tyson’s dynamic presence and genuine love for gaming align perfectly with the brand’s focus on creating legendary experiences for users. Varius emphasized the company’s commitment to offering a championship-level engagement powered by Tyson’s electrifying energy.

The announcement comes after ESPN ranked Tyson as the number one hitter in the list of The Hardest Hitters in Heavyweight History, further solidifying his status as a boxing icon. The partnership with Rabona allows Tyson to connect with fans in a new and interactive way, broadening his reach beyond the boxing ring.

The news release also mentioned that Tyson’s role as a brand ambassador for Rabona will involve engaging with fans through monthly livestreams, exclusively available on Rabona’s Twitch and Kick channels. These streams aim to provide an immersive and entertaining experience for fans, showcasing Tyson’s passion for gaming while also tapping into his expertise in the field.

Overall, the collaboration between Mike Tyson and Rabona underscores the growing trend of sports icons venturing into the world of online entertainment and gaming. With Tyson’s legendary status and Rabona’s focus on delivering exceptional user experiences, this partnership is poised to offer fans an unprecedented level of engagement and entertainment.

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