David Apps, a 57-year-old man, left his mother, Anne Bates, financially devastated after he spent nearly £12,000 ($15,154) on her credit card while out drinking. The incident took place while he was visiting his mother in July, and he admitted to gambling the money away due to boredom and alcohol consumption.

Apps, who used to work as a police officer in Australia, currently holds the position of Director of Special Projects at the United Arab Emirates government. During his court hearing at the Southampton Crown Court, he accepted the charges and pledged to repay his mother.

The judge, Nicholas Rowland, expressed disbelief at Apps’ actions and questioned his need to steal from his own mother, given his high level of income. In her victim impact statement, Bates revealed that Apps’ actions had left her financially vulnerable, prompting her to put her apartment up for sale and move to Australia.

Despite the betrayal, Bates expressed her love for her son and her desire for him to be held accountable for his actions. The judge ordered Apps to repay £1,500 ($1,895) per month to his mother and provide evidence of full repayment of the stolen amount by July 15. Additionally, he was also instructed to pay a significant sum to compensate Bates for the psychological trauma she experienced, as well as provide proof of continued counseling.

The post shared the story of the former police officer’s theft and its impact on his elderly mother. The source link to the original article was also provided for further information.

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