The International Poker Tour (IPT) has sparked a new era of grassroots poker in Ireland, with a particular focus on women and seniors. The rise of Ladies events has been a notable feature, with Sia Browne emerging as a standout winner in Galway. Browne not only claimed victory in the Ladies event hosted by IPT Ambassador Tanya Masters, but also triumphed in the opening freezeout, defeating Game of Gold star Lukas Robinson heads-up. She also participated in a four-way chop of the Monster event, alongside legendary Irish lady Wilhelmina “Willow” Connolly. Furthermore, two of the top six players on the overall leaderboard were female, demonstrating the increasing prominence of women in the poker scene.

The festival also saw success from the senior demographic, as individuals like Derek Baker excelled in live tournaments. Baker’s victory in the Main Event final table featured a strong lineup of seasoned professionals. Similarly, the atmosphere at the poker tables was filled with lively banter and Irish wit. The festival also marked the return of EPT Prague champion Padraig “Smidge” O’Neill to the poker scene, with a special presentation commemorating his triumph.

The event showcased the growth and diversity of the poker community in Ireland, with women and seniors making their mark. The festival in Galway provided a platform for players from different backgrounds to showcase their skills and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of competitive poker. The IPT aims to continue fostering an inclusive and vibrant poker environment that celebrates players of all ages and genders.

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