The stakes were high for this year’s big game, with one gambler making a particularly bold move. A bet of $1 million was placed on the San Francisco 49ers to win the Lombardi Trophy, making it the largest wager of the event.

The bettor, based in Michigan, was given -120 odds at Caesars Sportsbook, with the potential to win an additional $833,333.33, bringing the grand total to $1,833,333.33. However, as history now shows, the bet did not pay off, and the gambler lost the entire amount.

Meanwhile, other major bets were being placed on the Kansas City Chiefs, the eventual winners of the game. One bettor put $200,000 on the Chiefs to win outright at FanDuel Sportsbook, while others placed large wagers at different sportsbooks, showing a strong belief in the defending Super Bowl champions.

The movement of the line leading up to the game was a heavily discussed topic, with the 49ers opening as 3.5-point favorites before the line shifted to as low as one point and eventually settling at two points in favor of the NFC Champion.

Ultimately, the $1 million wager on the Super Bowl was lost, leaving the better with nothing to show for the risky move. The outcome serves as a reminder of the high stakes and risks involved in sports betting.

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