The proposed legislation in Kansas could change the current smoking regulations in state-owned casinos. The bill aims to amend the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act from 2012, which currently prohibits smoking in most workplaces but does not extend to gambling venues. If passed, this bill would make Kansas one of just 11 states that still allows smoking in casinos.

The Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE) action group supports this legislation. Joe Hafley, the leader of CEASE, stated that casino workers have been enduring the hazardous conditions of second-hand smoke for too long and it is time for a change.

Currently, the four state-owned casinos in Kansas allow smoking throughout their gaming floors, with the exception of certain designated smoke-free areas. However, if the new bill is passed, this could change.

Similar restrictions on smoking in gambling venues have been proposed in other states such as New Jersey and Rhode Island. Opponents of these changes argue that implementing a smoking ban could lead to a decrease in revenue and job losses. They believe that gamblers would spend less on slot machines and table games if they were required to go outside or to a designated area to smoke.

Despite the potential for opposition, the bill is a step towards improving the working conditions for casino employees and creating a healthier environment for patrons. The ultimate impact on casino revenues and job stability remains to be seen.

The original source of this news article is from Vegas Slots Online News.

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