The President of the NCAA, Baker, spoke at a conference in Phoenix addressing the issue of sports betting among college athletes. He acknowledged that college athletics are facing complicated problems, with sports betting being a significant concern. In his speech, he criticized the penalties imposed on student athletes caught betting as being overly severe and outdated educational materials provided by the national office.

Baker shared advice from his father, Charles, suggesting that the sports betting problem is not going to fix itself. He highlighted the efforts made by the NCAA to address the issue, including increased access to educational resources and an upcoming partnership with the NFL.

One of the significant concerns raised by Baker was the online abuse and harassment of student athletes related to sports betting. Delegate Shawn Fluharty, the head of US state sports betting regulators, expressed a desire to tackle this issue by introducing a betting ban for abusers in West Virginia.

Baker emphasized the real harm that sports betting can have on college sports stars, stating that conversations about the team, competition, and the well-being of teammates could be exploited for personal gain. He also mentioned his intention to collaborate with ex-colleagues to develop state legislation protecting players and the integrity of college sports.

Despite the challenges, Baker was optimistic about the increase in attendance, viewership, and fan engagement in college games. He highlighted the significant growth in the NCAA’s social media platforms and expressed the goal of building one of the largest college sports fans databases through a partnership with a sports technology firm.

In conclusion, Baker’s address at the NCAA conference shed light on the complexities of college sports and the challenges posed by sports betting. While acknowledging the issues, he also emphasized the strides made by the NCAA and expressed optimism about the growth of college sports fan engagement.

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