The Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA) has made changes to their regulations regarding cashback bonuses, now referring to them as “a bonus based on loss.” This shift in language now allows officials to classify all such bonuses as conflicting with the country’s gambling laws.

The KSA has taken swift action in response to their investigation’s findings. They have issued a formal warning to one licensee for offering a cashback bonus and sent letters to two other license holders explaining their new stance on bonuses.

KSA Chairman René Jansen expressed concerns that loss-based bonuses encourage excessive participation, leading players to bet higher, take more risks, and play more frequently. As a result, the KSA will be closely monitoring loss-based bonuses to better protect players, with immediate effect. Jansen emphasized, “Any bonus that is in any way linked to a loss is prohibited.”

In December, the Dutch government and the KSA announced new measures aimed at addressing problem gambling, including imposing a monthly cap of €700 ($766) for online betting per individual.

The KSA’s crackdown on loss-based bonuses is part of these broader efforts to regulate and oversee the gambling industry in the Netherlands.

Source: Vegas Slots Online News.

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