…one cost 480, and two could only be obtained by buying loot boxes (i.e., gambling) during the event. I checked my inventory and found I only had 468 tickets, including those I had earned from just playing the game. So buying the premium pass meant I could still only afford two of the five unique Winter Wonderland skins I wanted. I would have had to buy loot boxes to earn enough tickets to get the skins I couldn’t afford. Essentially, Blizzard put exclusive items behind a paywall or a gate that actually required you to gamble during a time-limited event. This seems to be a one-time thing, but I’d be very hesitant to trust Blizzard again. And I can’t even go into how anti-consumer it is to lock things behind gambling. The changes Blizzard made to Overwatch would seem to be a push against predatory practices, but in fact, they’ve just replaced one predatory system with another. The new monetization of Overwatch 2 is bad for players and bad for the game. I fear that Overwatch has been fundamentally changed from a fantastic game where players could earn everything to a mining field where you have to spend a lot for what we used to get for free – you’ll get the new hero a lot later and a lot of the cosmetics, if you work hard, but that’s not fun. It’s just a grind. And those are the costs to grind for what we used to just get by playing once in a while.

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