An NFL betting revelation
The playoffs are always a tricky time for bettors, with the oddsmakers armed with ample data from the entire season to set their lines. However, two men have defied the odds, remaining consistent in their performance.

Coach Dan Campbell took on the daunting task of reviving the struggling Detroit Lions when he was hired in January 21, 2021. Despite enduring a winless season in the 21st century and not winning a playoff game since 1992, Campbell swiftly instilled a culture of toughness and resilience within the team. Under his leadership, the Lions improved their win total each year and clinched a spot in the playoffs as the third seed this year.

While Campbellā€™s win-loss record is only 26-26-1 during his time in Detroit, his against the spread record is an impressive 36-17. This makes him the coach with the best spread record since the 1970 merger with at least three seasons of experience. The Lions have consistently performed well against the spread, even when facing tough competition, and they are unlikely to be fazed by being the underdogs against the San Francisco 49ers.

In the AFC, Patrick Mahomes continues to exceed expectations, reaching the AFC Championship Game in all six seasons as a starting quarterback. Not only is Mahomes a proven winner, but he also has a remarkable track record against the spread, with an 8-3 straight-up and 9-1-1 ATS record as an underdog. His ability to rally the Kansas City Chiefs from behind, along with the support of his coach and teammates, makes him a formidable force in sports betting.

With both Campbell and Mahomes defying the odds and consistently outperforming expectations, bettors have a strong chance of success by backing them against the spread. The upcoming games present an opportunity for bettors to capitalize on their exceptional performances and secure favorable odds.

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