Popular streamer Roshtein made a playful comment on the news of Pokimane potentially leaving Twitch for a high-value gambling deal. In a tweet, he referenced the rumored $1 million offer, hinting at the possibility of Pokimane entering into the world of gambling. However, it is widely believed that Roshtein’s comment was made in jest, considering Pokimane’s vocal opposition to gambling and her efforts to persuade Twitch to ban gambling content in 2022.

The speculation about Pokimane’s departure from Twitch comes as a surprise, especially given her strong stance against gambling and her active role in advocating for its prohibition on the platform. In a widely popular post, she called for her followers to support a Twitch ban on gambling, garnering nearly 300,000 likes. It is uncertain whether Pokimane is planning to retire from streaming altogether or if she is considering a move to another platform.

The emergence of Kick, a gambling-friendly streaming platform launched by crypto casino Stake in response to Twitch’s ban on unregulated gambling content, attracted major stars like Roshtein, Trainwreck, and Xposed. The migration of these influential individuals to Kick reflects the shifting landscape of streaming and the allure of gambling-friendly platforms for content creators.

In response to the news about Pokimane, Kick’s official X page humorously showcased the streamer’s cookie brand within a frame typically reserved for autographs, adding an element of fun to the ongoing speculation.

As the industry continues to evolve, the potential departure of a prominent figure like Pokimane from Twitch for a gambling deal has sparked conversations about the intersection of gaming, streaming, and gambling. Whether Pokimane will indeed make the transition remains to be seen, but the possibility has undoubtedly captured the attention of both fans and industry observers.

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