A new association called the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA) has been formed by six major affiliates in the United States. The founding members of the RGAA include Better Collective, Catena Media, Gambling.com, Oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia. The main purpose of the RGAA is to help affiliate companies serve the online gambling market in a responsible manner.

The RGAA believes that affiliates have a responsibility to promote safer gambling and strike a balance between effective marketing and customer protection. The association also acknowledges the current regulations in place but believes that improvements can be made to better serve the industry.

The goals of the RGAA are organized into five strategic pillars, including the promotion of competitive gambling markets, industry education, consumer protection, advertising codes of conduct, and responsible business practices. The association is currently in search of a permanent president who will represent the organization and shape the future of affiliate marketing.

Representatives of the six affiliate companies expressed their excitement about the formation of the RGAA. Mark Frank Pedersen, CEO of Better Collective, emphasized the importance of empowering the industry and promoting gambling as entertainment. Michael Daly, CEO of Catena Media, highlighted the ever-changing nature of the US market and expressed pride in being one of the founding members of the RGAA.

Charles Gillespie, CEO of Gambling.com, stressed the critical role of affiliates in helping operators grow and the need for higher standards. Stuart Simms, CEO of Oddschecker, emphasized the importance of promoting social responsibility and fair play for all. Mark Renshaw, CEO of Spotlight Sports Group, expressed pride in being a founding member of the RGAA and the role it will play in ensuring the highest standards in the affiliate industry. David King, CEO of XLMedia, recognized the critical role that affiliates play in providing choice for consumers while supporting regulated operators.

The RGAA aims to promote responsible gambling and create a positive wagering experience for consumers. The association seeks to set new standards and guidelines for affiliate companies while playing a key role in ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

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