SOFTSWISS, a leading technology supplier to the iGaming industry, was honored with the title of Crypto Company of the Year at the International Gaming Awards in London. This marks the second consecutive year that the company has received this prestigious award, highlighting its ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch gaming solutions to a wide range of industry stakeholders.

The award ceremony, which took place as an introduction to the ICE London fair, brought together prominent developers, suppliers, and iGaming companies to celebrate their accomplishments. The International Gaming Awards event not only serves as a gathering of global gaming experts and enthusiasts but also as a significant charity event, bridging the industry with the wider community.

SOFTSWISS received the Crypto Company of the Year award, which recognizes companies that provide innovative gambling features and experiences, with a particular focus on crypto solutions. The selection process involves evaluating the outstanding performance of each nominee in the crypto sector and comparing it to its competitors. In 2023, the assessment method resulted in SOFTSWISS being awarded the title, and the same outcome was repeated in the 2024 award edition, solidifying the company’s position as the Crypto Company of the Year for the second year in a row.

This recognition comes as no surprise, as SOFTSWISS has been at the forefront of developing crypto-friendly solutions for the online gaming industry. The company initially ventured into Bitcoin technological solutions in 2013 and has since expanded its cryptocurrency offerings to include almost 20 digital coins. SOFTSWISS’s In-Game Currency Conversion feature, a significant development, demonstrates the company’s ongoing dedication to enhancing player experience.

The conversion feature allows players with cryptocurrencies to participate in games that were originally designed for monetary deposits. Within less than a year of its launch, 85% of all bets in crypto casinos powered by the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform were placed using this feature. Additionally, SOFTSWISS is recognized for sharing its expertise in crypto-friendly solutions through reports and podcasts, providing valuable support to strategic decision-making processes.

Co-CEO Andrey Starovoitov expressed delight at receiving the award, emphasizing that it signifies more than just recognition for recent achievements. He noted that the title of Crypto Company of the Year holds deep meaning for those who have led the way in integrating digital currencies into iGaming, actively advocate for crypto solutions, and generously share expertise in the field.

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