SOFTSWISS Enhances Online Casino Platform with AI Integration

SOFTSWISS, a leading online casino platform provider, has announced the integration of AI-driven features into its platform, aiming to provide players and operators with a more advanced and streamlined gaming experience. The latest update includes the expansion of the Event Streaming feature, allowing for real-time monitoring and continuous broadcasting of various events such as casino tournaments, players’ statistics, payments, and transactions.

The integration of machine learning into the Event Streaming feature will enable the generation of predictive data, serving as a reference for players visiting the platform. This functionality will also be key in anticipating variables like Lifetime Value (LTV) and targeting specific audiences to enhance player retention.

Furthermore, the AI-driven Event Streaming feature will assist operators in identifying and reaching their target audiences, as well as recognizing VIP players to improve player retention. It will also aid in identifying low-quality traffic on the platform, allowing operators to adjust their advertising resources and policies to retain customers and benefit from high-rollers.

In addition to the AI integration, the Event Streaming feature also includes the Bonus API, which offers enhanced precision in bonus issuance functionality. This includes combining activation and wagering periods for bonuses and directly activating free spins through the Bonus API.

Ivan Borschyov, Head of Business Operations at SOFTSWISS, expressed excitement about the latest updates, stating that they empower operators with more efficient, data-driven tools for player engagement and business optimization. He also emphasized the importance of accurate forecasting and planning in enabling operators to predict changes in player activity and proactively mitigate risks, setting a new standard in online gaming management.

The AI-integrated Event Streaming feature will be showcased at ICE London 2024, providing an opportunity for players and fans to gain insight into the provider’s latest products and developments.

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