The Nevada Supreme Court recently made a landmark decision in a defamation lawsuit filed by former casino mogul Steve Wynn against the Associated Press (AP). The court referred to Nevada’s anti-SLAPP law, which aims to protect journalists, and ruled in favor of the AP. The law was implemented to address issues involving news organizations publishing articles in the public interest.

The court determined that Wynn failed to prove that the AP displayed “actual malice” with its article or that the journalist acted with a high level of awareness of the probable falsity of the published information. Steve Wynn’s attorney, Todd Bice, expressed disagreement with the ruling and stated that they will consider all options following the decision.

The lawsuit centered on an article published by the AP that reported on allegations of sexual misconduct against Wynn. His lawyer argued that the AP had left out relevant elements from the police report that would cast doubts on the legitimacy of the rape claims. However, the court ultimately sided with the AP.

In response to the decision, AP’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Lauren Easton, welcomed the ruling and emphasized the importance of protecting the press from intimidation and silencing by powerful public figures.

The defamation case has been a long-running saga, with Wynn stepping down as the CEO of Wynn Resorts in 2018 after the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. The company faced fines in Nevada and Massachusetts for attempting to hide and not address the claims.

The Nevada Supreme Court’s decision marks the end of a series of appeals and legal battles between Wynn and the AP, ultimately throwing out the defamation lawsuit. The ruling is seen as a victory for press freedom and the protection of journalists.

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