In June 17 2006, Brian Christopher started his YouTube channel, Brian Gambles, which was focused on slot-themed content. His videos were a hit as they showcased the highs and lows of his slot gameplay in both land-based and online casinos.

However, his success came crashing down when YouTube shut down his account in 2018, citing a breach of the terms and conditions. This move left Christopher fighting to save his channel and the content he had worked on for nearly 12 years.

Christopher’s rise to fame came as he traveled throughout the US, visiting casinos and playing slot machines. His unique style of chronicling his wins and losses resonated with a growing audience. He also engaged with his subscribers by answering live questions in his videos, connecting them to him on a personal level.

Despite the warnings received from YouTube about the content of his videos, Christopher appealed the decision and emphasized that he had not breached any guidelines. After several failed attempts, YouTube eventually relented and reinstated his channel, acknowledging that he had not broken any rules.

Following the reinstatement, Christopher changed the channel’s name to Brian Christopher Slots (or BC Slots) and resumed production of the content that had brought him success. He also ventured into creating his own slot game with Gaming Arts and began collaborating with the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

As of 2024, Brian Christopher Slots has nearly 650,000 subscribers and almost 500 million views, with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Despite the setback caused by the suspension, BC Slots remains one of the leading gambling channels on YouTube.

The experience raised questions about the vulnerability of YouTube channels and led to discussions about the platform’s governance. Christopher’s decision to continue on the platform despite the challenges reflects the limited options creators have in coexisting with YouTube’s management. The incident also highlighted the potential financial impact of arbitrary suspensions on content creators.

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