can be exploited by value betting more often. However, if you notice a player with a river call efficiency higher than 1, it means they are overcalling and likely losing money in the long run. This stat is very valuable in making decisions whether to bluff or value bet on the river, and can significantly impact your overall winnings.

In conclusion, understanding poker statistics is crucial to improve your game and make more informed decisions. Whether you play live or online, observing and analyzing your opponents’ stats can give you a significant edge. By paying attention to VPIP, RFI, 3bet, fold to 3bet, fold to steal, c-bet, fold to c-bet, went to showdown, aggression % by street, and river call, you can better understand your opponents’ tendencies and adjust your own strategy accordingly. By utilizing these poker statistics effectively, you can become a much more profitable player and enhance your overall poker experience.

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