Mecca Bingo Faces Criticism Over Instagram Ad

Mecca Bingo, a popular bingo company, found itself under scrutiny after an Instagram ad sparked complaints and criticism. The ad, which was posted in August, featured celebrity drag queen Baga Chipz in two contrasting images.

The first image showed Chipz in plain clothes with no makeup, while the second image depicted Chipz in a red sequined outfit with jewelry and makeup. Accompanying the images was a caption that read: “A good game can transform you! Don’t you just love that post-bingo glow?”

Viewers who saw the ad and believed that it implied gambling could improve a person’s image and self-esteem filed complaints with the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ASA upheld the complaints, agreeing that the ad conveyed the message that gambling could have a positive impact on a person’s self-esteem based on the contrasting images of Chipz.

In response to the complaints, Mecca Bingo defended the ad, stating that the “post-bingo glow” was meant to convey the positive feeling that one experiences after a night of playing bingo. The company maintained that the ad was intended to highlight the positive experience it aims to deliver to its customers.

The controversy surrounding the Instagram ad generated widespread attention and ultimately led to the UK regulator siding with the critics. The ASA’s decision to uphold the complaints regarding the ad reinforces the importance of responsible advertising, particularly in industries like gambling.

The aftermath of the Mecca Bingo ad serves as a reminder for companies to carefully consider the messaging and implications of their advertising, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics such as gambling and self-esteem.

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