VegasSlotsOnline Announces the Black Mirror Inevitability Index

At VegasSlotsOnline, a professional binge-watcher was hired to watch all 27 episodes of the popular dystopian drama series Black Mirror and the 2018 film Bandersnatch. This binge-watcher worked with professional odds experts to analyze every storyline and predict the likelihood of them happening in real life. Each episode was given an inevitability score out of 100, with 100 denoting an episode theme that has either already happened in real life or is certain to happen in the future.

According to their analysis, it was revealed that half (50%) of Black Mirror episodes are likely to come true in the future. This finding highlights the fact that many of the depicted technologies in the series are not far removed from our current reality. Only three episodes were found to have a zero chance of becoming true.

The Black Mirror Inevitability Index, which ranks every Black Mirror episode from most to least inevitable, was also revealed. Additionally, the series itself was ranked from most to least inevitable, with Series 5 having the highest inevitability rating.

When it came to analyzing the 2018 Black Mirror film Bandersnatch, the experts could not determine an inevitability score. This was due to the interactive nature of the film, which allowed viewers to determine multiple different endings.

The team at VegasSlotsOnline hopes that their Inevitability Index will prove to be interesting for all Black Mirror fans, despite the potentially nightmarish implications of the findings. The post concludes with a thought-provoking question: “I wonder what episode we’ll see play out in real life first?”

Overall, the announcement by VegasSlotsOnline about the Black Mirror Inevitability Index sheds light on the potential for the series’ fictional technologies to become a reality. This is a fascinating insight for fans of Black Mirror and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and entertainment.

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