A video that recently went viral on Instagram shows a group of friends fighting off armed robbers during a gambling session in a garage in Tacoma, Washington. The footage captured the intense moments as two armed thugs interrupted the three Vietnamese men, waving a long-barreled rifle and demanding their possessions.

Despite the initial shock, the three men bravely fought back against the robbers, refusing to give in to their demands. In the ensuing struggle, the men can be seen engaging in a physical altercation with the robbers, displaying incredible bravery in the face of danger.

Following the incident, it was reported that two of the attackers were arrested, and a video circulating online showed the aftermath of the attempted robbery. In the footage, the men can be seen cleaning up the scene and securing the garage, with one of them holding an assault rifle that likely belonged to one of the robbers.

According to online speculation, the robbers were accompanied by two other individuals who waited in a getaway car. The commotion resulted in damage to one of the victim’s vehicles before all of the attackers fled the scene. While some users praised the men for their bravery and quick thinking, others lightheartedly attributed their ability to overcome fear to the alcoholic beverages they had been consuming during the gambling session.

The videos quickly gained attention online, accumulating thousands of views and sparking a flurry of comments. Despite the intense and frightening nature of the incident, the bravery and resilience displayed by the three men have earned them admiration from many online viewers.

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