BetMGM has announced a new partnership with the popular platform X, which will allow the sports betting operator to showcase its odds to users. While the financial details of the deal and the timeline for the new feature rollout are still unknown, it’s clear that BetMGM is looking to expand its reach and provide its odds to a wider audience.

This partnership comes at a strategic time, as it coincides with the upcoming Super Bowl in Las Vegas. The event is known for attracting a huge amount of attention and wagers, with Americans betting approximately $16 billion on the event last year. With the ability to integrate its odds into the X platform, BetMGM is looking to capitalize on this market and increase its customer acquisition.

X is no stranger to integrating sports betting features into its platform, as it has previously partnered with other operators such as Yahoo to provide similar services. This move is part of BetMGM’s larger strategy to expand into new markets, as the operator recently launched in the UK and has set a goal to generate a core profit of $500 million by 2026.

Currently, only DraftKings and FanDuel have a larger market share than BetMGM in the US, so this partnership with X is a significant step for the operator. With the ability to reach a wider audience through the platform, BetMGM is positioning itself as a major player in the sports betting industry.

The specific details of how the partnership will be implemented on the X platform are still unknown, but it’s clear that this move is a part of BetMGM’s overall strategy to expand its reach and increase its presence in the sports betting market. The integration of its odds into the X platform is just the latest example of the operator’s efforts to leverage partnerships and reach new customers.

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